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Frequently asked questions
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What is Tozi?

Tozi is your space to feel good online. It helps you learn how to look after yourself when you’re using social media, and how to be safe online in general. Tozi is packed full of tips and advice on what you can do if things aren’t going well for you or a friend online. It’s also got loads of features to help you get to know yourself a bit better and start understanding your feelings and thoughts, and help with your online wellbeing. 
Tozi has three key parts to help you: 
  • The Cosmos – articles, podcasts, videos and more to help you learn about online safety, privacy and wellbeing for yourself and your friends. 
  • My Space – a totally private space for you to check in and chill out. You’ll be able to see how your feelings can change over time with the Feelings Tracker, reflect and grow with Guided Journals, and get a dose of daily wisdom with inspirational quotes. 
  • Live Chat – need to talk to someone about what’s going on? No problem, you can start a chat with an expert from Childline anytime.
What is Tozi’s Purpose?

To create a kinder, safer and more loving digital world for young people.

What is Tozi’s Mission?

To empower and support young people on their journey to creating a positive digital world for themselves and their communities.

Do I have to create an account?

Nope. You can browse The Cosmos and check out all the latest videos, articles, quizzes etc. But if you want to use the My Space area to journal, you’ll just need to create a simple account with a username (not your real name) and your birth year. 

Is Tozi just for people who are being cyberbullied?

No. Tozi is much more than an app for people experiencing issues with cyberbullying. It’s about how to live your best online life while keeping you, your friends and the wider community safe and happy while online. There are also daily journal and mood tracking features in My Space so you can get to know your everyday thoughts and feelings and how to process them, and express yourself more confidently.

I need help right now with a problem. What can I do?

Tozi has lots of tips, tricks and handy info for dealing with issues you might have online. Have a look around The Cosmos or try the Search feature to find what you’re looking for. If you’re still having trouble and want to talk to someone directly, know that you can always link to ChildLine chat or phone line through the app. They’ll be happy to listen and help you if you need it.

My friend could really do with some help, but they don’t have Tozi. What can I do?

If you think Tozi might be useful, interesting, or fun for a friend, but they don’t know about it, look for the Share button and share with your friends through Snapchat or any other messaging app.

I can’t find what I’m looking for in The Cosmos?

If you can’t find a particular video, quiz or other piece of content, try using the Search feature – just tap the magnifying glass icon.

Can anyone else read or listen to my journal entries?

Nope. Nobody. Not ever. Your journal entries are saved directly to your phone so you’re the only person that can access them. You can see them on the app but we don’t save your entries anywhere else.

Will there be new interesting stuff regularly added to Tozi?

Absolutely, we’ll be updating the app regularly with new fun and interesting content so you can keep getting to know yourself, your friends and your socials. Keep an eye out. Better yet, if you use the My Space area regularly you’ll know when new stuff pops in.

Can anyone else read or listen to my journal entries?

No. Your journal entries are saved directly to your phone so only you can access these. You can get to them through the app but your entries are not stored anywhere else and only you, or people with access to your phone and pin can read the entries. You will also set up a 6-digit pass code and create a security question to keep your entries extra safe.

What personal data does the Tozi App process?

The Tozi App only processes data that is absolutely needed to provide you with features and functionality included in the app.  We take every measure to keep your data safe and don't share it with anyone else.   You can also update your profile at any time via the settings in the app.

For My Space, the Tozi app will allow all the data you enter including text and recordings (like feelings or journal entries) to be saved on your phone.  While the app provides the functionality for this to happen, Tozi does not have access to your entries, ever.  Check out our privacy notice to see more detail.

What happens if I lose my phone or if it gets stolen?

If you lose your phone or it gets stolen, we can block access to your account so no one can get access to your entries. You can email us at


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