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Tozi is here to support you on your online journey
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Explore the Cosmos or check into MySpace. Tozi is here to empower and support you online by creating a kinder, safe, and more positive digital world.

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Working with the ISPCC and DCU, Tozi has crafted a secure online space with feedback from young people just like you.
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Frequently asked questions
find the most common questions about Tozi here, and if you can't find a suitable answer you can reach out to info@to-zi.com
What is Tozi?

Tozi is your space to feel good online. It helps you learn how to look after yourself when you’re using social media, and how to be safe online in general. Tozi is packed full of tips and advice on what you can do if things aren’t going well for you or a friend online. It’s also got loads of features to help you get to know yourself a bit better and start understanding your feelings and thoughts, and help with your online wellbeing. 
Tozi has three key parts to help you: 
  • The Cosmos – articles, podcasts, videos and more to help you learn about online safety, privacy and wellbeing for yourself and your friends. 
  • My Space – a totally private space for you to check in and chill out. You’ll be able to see how your feelings can change over time with the Feelings Tracker, reflect and grow with Guided Journals, and get a dose of daily wisdom with inspirational quotes. 
  • Live Chat – need to talk to someone about what’s going on? No problem, you can start a chat with an expert from Childline anytime.
What is Tozi’s Purpose?

To create a kinder, safer and more loving digital world for young people.

What is Tozi’s Mission?

To empower and support young people on their journey to creating a positive digital world for themselves and their communities.

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Explore the Cosmos or check into MySpace. Tozi empowers and supports young people in their online journey by creating a kinder, safer, and more positive digital world.

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